Mi vida

Just one night

It was short but wonderful! Certainly one night was enough to know what was one of the best experiences.

I have to know these people more than a year ago and are definitely part of my heart.

On the way…

It was my first time, I was afraid but at the same time I knew I would enjoy. It was time to fulfill one of the many things I have in my “buckets list”, camping with friends.

I did not know how it would be all, if we are good around the world, so everything is more complicated.

Mexico, Honduras, US and Chile. Everything is different but still we merge as to enjoy our friendship.

The golden hour

Already approaching the golden hour we decided to go for a walk just to return just for the setting sun. The calculation was not so well, when we got back I remembered even enjoy the golden hour.

Of course, this does not mean they do not enjoy the contrary, It was super fun. Photography walked almost all, (nobody had enough battery cell) and for those who know me know that … ¡I love taking photos!

Food to remove

Perhaps most but we do not tempt us and we did. We took the car and went to town for pizza. We called the only way to remove it.

The truth is that the size defrauded us. It was very small, even so, we all reach out to eat and temptation. Not only that we could eat so we added a chicken salad (a Mexican recipe). I do not remember if he had eaten before but was very tasty.

He finished eating the atmosphere began to change, We put music and we approached the campfire. Some hockey sticks and other conversed with me, I should know I never stay silent.

What if we tell stories of terror?

I think I heard that phrase many times during the night but my answer was always no. Sorry, I think I was the spoilsport at the time but I do not like horror stories. They make me dispair, I fear greatly. We ended up not doing it but, yes we ended our countries legends giving me the same fear.

During the stories, Josh went to sleep because I was with an allergy that would not let him calm. Thus, I stay alone, I mean without him. In time that we all decided to go to sleep, practically I had to walk alone to my tent, thing that scared me. I am impressed that having 29 years not yet overcome my fear of the dark.

Just one night with friends was enough to fill me with good energy. Clearly this is no longer everywhere. By bringing together all, happened to be one of the best experiences I've had camped. I hope soon you can read more like stories.

I hope you have a beautiful day and the beginning of week. I leave my social networks so do not forget to follow.



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