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You may already know me by some blog that I've had in my life. The truth is that there have been several but here keep trying again. I felt I was no longer, all decided for me, but they were very few things I decided I. So it's time to do my taste, my style. So welcome again.

Welcome once again to say is not easy but these things happen, He not feeling identified with something that is yours, your job is not pleasant but now if. So I invite you to read more of who I am.

Who I am?

Tefi tell me and I am here to tell my life, my problems, my travels and my daily routine or what comes to my mind. I have 29 years years, I am Chilean living in Colorado, Estados Unidos. ¡Bienvenidos!

Me ha dado cuenta que me gustan muchas cosas pero no me doy el tiempo para realizarlas todas, aunque de vez en cuando quiero hacerlas para no perder la costumbre. Me encanta cantar, hacer pulseras y collares, pintar aunque dibujo mal, me gusta diseñar algunas fotitos con mensajes bonitos, de hecho estoy trabajando a full en eso desde que me compré el iPad mini y el Apple Pencil. Por cierto, me gusta escribir, me sana y relaja, por eso estoy aquí.

Otra de las cosas que me encantan es viajar, estar en contacto con la naturaleza, disfrutar con mis amistades, ver Netflix 😍 y disfrutar tiempo en familia, sobre todo con los niños.

Tengo dos hijos de corazón, un niño de 5 años y la niña 10 añitos recién cumplidos. Me cambio la vida, because so I decided. I became a mother overnight but I enjoy it too, fill my heart with their antics, with shouts and with their hugs. I am too grateful to have formed a beautiful family with Josh and his sons.

This is me, and I invite you to read my blog daily. I am an ordinary woman who wants to tell his truth and reality in social networks. Have a beautiful start to the week.

Welcome hope to see well followed here!


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